Blue Lotus & Dusty Green Bones at Volcanic

Sat, Feb 25, 2017 at 9pm

This event has passed.


Featured as part of Relix Magazine's "Bands on the Rise" in 2012 and 2013; and awarded "Best New Act", "Favorite Female Performer", "Best Instrumentalist" and "Favorite Local Band" by the Wow Hall in Eugene OR in 2014. This award winning group is winning hearts across the country with their unique fusion of Blues, rock, jazz and american roots music.

Formed in 2010 after a chance encounter at the Oregon Country Fair, singer/songwriter Brandelyn Rose and young guitar prodigy Felix Blades sparked a unique and collaborative friendship that has attracted other talented artists including Jacob Bertsch on bass guitar, Andrew Miller on drums and a cast of rotating special guests on keyboards. Blue Lotus features original songs that take you from rock and roll to spaced out intergalactic madness. Rooted in Rock and Blues, and experimenting with elements of Bluegrass, Jazz and Funk, the band fuses styles to create a high energy, fun and danceable melodic hybrid. 

In 2011 the group released it's first full length album "Blue Lotus" which features 10 original songs. At the time the group had been together for only about six months. In 2012 came the release of their second album also self titled, which included five studio tracks and five live tracks. As the excitement about the band continued to grow, Blue Lotus went on to release a third album titled "A Thousand Other Things" which included 12 studio length, "radio friendly" tracks. In 2014 the band did a limited release EP featuring three more original previously unrecorded songs. The band just released it's fifth and "favorite" album "Across the Canyon" in July 2015. Recorded by Ninkasi Brewing studios in Eugene OR, the new album provides five full length studio tracks and two full length live tracks. The fans love the long extended jams, so I think we need to give that to them quotes "Brandelyn Rose" the group's founding member. The group now has upwards of 40 original songs.

Dusty Green Bones Band is a five piece electric bluegrass style band that was formed in the winter of 2014 when five guys met in the heart of San Francisco. Looking to from a "Jamgrass" style band the group started getting together and playing and soon after booked their first tour. The band consists of;
Toby Sanchez/Mahan (Guitar,Kazoo,Spoons,Vocals)
Dustin Brown (Mandolin,Electric Mandolin,Vocals)
Isaac Cantor (Banjo,Vocals)
Scotty Brown (Bass,Vocals)
Jon Ryan (Drums,Vocals)
By taking musicals styles from a wide variety of genres and mixing them with the high driving energy of bluegrass, they have created a purely organic sound. Their music aims to expand the authentic complexity of traditional bluegrass by layering ancient tones with improvisation rock and roll.  Their music is progressive with an indisputable raw aesthetic as the band dares to push the musical envelope, tenaciously defining their own individual style. DGBB continues to build a following by maintaining a consistent tour schedule.