Fade In: A Tinseltown Thriller Fundraiser Performance for BendFilm

Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 7:30pm

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BendFilm, Stage Right Productions, and Creative Heart Productions are proud to offer a preview night of FADE IN: A Twisted Tinseltown Thriller with 100% of proceeds going to benefit BendFilm. The play is an original psychological thriller/black comedy by local playwright, director, and actor Patricia West-Del Ruth, set to debut March 31, 2017 at 2nd Street Theater.  This special event invites patrons to the last dress rehearsal of the play on March 30th, with BendFilm as the recipient of all sales from the evening.

FADE IN proves nothing is what it seems when two estranged sisters—one an LA screenwriter and the other a clinical psychologist— are forced to come to terms with their sibling rivalry, a horrific past, and the love they share over a deranged actor. Playwright West-Del Ruth's sharp script charts this love triangle’s tenacious efforts to cope with the appalling challenges of their shared history, present, and potential future.

Set in present-day Los Angeles, FADE IN: stars local actors Skye Stafford (Venus in Fur), Catherine Christie (5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche) and Robert Marquez (The Pillowman).  This original, spellbinding work according to Stafford is “reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode with the edginess of a Tarantino film.”

Tickets: $18 / $15 for Members (Enter Member Code at Promo Code prompt for discount).


A Q & A with Playwright and Director Patricia West-Del Ruth:

  • What was the inspiration behind your play. Fade In:?

The Greek translation of the word inspiration actually means to be "in spirit." That deeply resonates with me. I had gone to bed and while in a lucid state started to imagine what two sisters might argue about. I don't have a clue why that thought came to mind. However, as I allowed my imagination to take flight it was almost as though I could hear a whispering of their conversation from a place that was other worldly. I grabbed my notebook and pen from my nightstand and wrote a first draft that night. I personally believe writing for me, is an altered state of being or being in spirit.

  • Do you have a sister? 

No, but, I do have two wonderfully talented brothers. My oldest brother is a professional magician and my other brother is a professional videographer.  

  • What was the inspiration behind Creative Heart Productions?

Creative Heart Productions began in 1999 in San Diego County. I produced two shows both related to the industry. Creative Café was shot with three cameras in my home where I interviewed film and television professionals with a focus on what they had to overcome to be successful in their fields. Everyone always had a dark night of the soul tale to tell. The other show was called Cinema Scene which was a masterclass with my students of actors, writers and independent filmmakers and members of the American Society of Cinematographers. I garnered four Telly Awards for the shows which I am very proud to have received.

  • What is your favorite role? 

 My favorite role is being married to my husband, Thomas Del Ruth. We are celebrating thirty- six years of marriage the night before the show opens.

  • What do you see as the role of an artist? 

 I believe the role of the artist is to express his inner self. When a flower blooms, it has done its job. 

  • Why are you partnering with BendFilm?

The mission of BendFilm  to support the independent voice has always touched my heart, especially the goal to nurture future filmmakers.

  • We hear there are plans to make this a film, can you talk about that briefly?

Visual storytelling through cinematic moving images is a magnificent art form to me for many reasons but mainly because it has no borders. A great film transcends time and can reach out to different cultures. I love film. FADE IN: is also in a screenplay format and that allows me to communicate much more visually with much less dialogue. I have had local interest both here and in LA, so I won't be stopping anytime soon with my passion and desire to see it through. It takes a village and I hope after seeing the play which includes visual effects that others might share my passion as well.

2nd Street Theater

220 NE Lafayette
Bend, OR 97701

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