Marv Ellis & We Tribe & Mosley Wotta at Volcanic

Fri, May 19, 2017 at 9pm

This event has passed.


Marv Ellis & WE Tribe has long sought to bring together people from different backgrounds. His Imaginary Friends, at its peak, was a 12-member hip-hop orchestra. There were some legendary shows, but it collapsed under its own weight and ambition. Marv moved to Portland and started to network and play regularly, forming another band, the Platform. To him, WE Tribe is what he was trying to achieve when he started those other projects but he did not have all the tools yet to articulate what he was going for, or needed others who were on the same page as he was. He has that now. He said this project feels like everything from his musical past is coming together. “The missing thing was me letting go,” Marv said. “Letting go of the reigns empowers everybody. That’s the ‘we,’ man. It’s something I’ve been growing to love. It just feels so good. This is the least challenging project.”

Chicago born Jason McNeal Graham ( August 17, 1983) better known as MOsley WOtta, (MOWO) is a consummate creative. MOsley WOtta has been featured internationally as a speaker, performer, poet, visual artist and educator for well over a decade. A former slam poetry champion for the state of Oregon,MOWO’s work focus on the power of voice. He has been featured multiple times as a TED X speaker/performer. His CV includes Sundance Film Festival, Fiji International Jazz & Blues Festival, MAGIC trade show Las Vegas, Street Con Dubai, Valley Fiesta Australia, PBS Oregon Art Beat. Recently MOWO was selected as and Oregon Humanities Conversation Project leader. Additionally MOWO is an Art Ambassador with the RISE UP INTL and the US Embassy.