DBST & Keroscenery at Volcanic

Fri, May 26, 2017 at 9pm

This event has passed.


DBST is an impassioned and energetic neo-soul band formed in Olympia, Washington with wild electronic leanings- yet they maintain the full interplay and instrumentation of a traditional band. Centered around the fluid yet commanding vocals of song-writer and front-man Sam Pohl, the band works to construct an encapsulating and textured aura of sound; seeking to connect and resonate with every listener in the audience. The band formed loosely in 2011, cutting their teeth in small clubs in their home town and released their first full length album, Kamaliens, in 2014. After many forms and iterations, the band truly discovered their voice in 2016, when they decided to bring their act to larger venues and wider audiences. The members of DBST come from varied musical backgrounds and disciplines, lending to a unique and often category defying sound, but their common ground is what really shines through- they want to make music that MOVES people.

KEROSCENERY - Backed by punchy riffs, intricate transitions and slinky jazz melodies, A Beginners Guide to the End offers an honest look at life that so many of us are afraid to share. We are all full of faults and final conversations, those had and those so unfairly stolen from us. Pete Bush embraces those emotions, refusing to hide in a soft focus. The moments he shares are what defines him; the memories he holds closest.