Plant Parenthood 101

Sun, Sep 19 at 12pm

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Want to get your feet wet and join the numerous new indoor plant parents? Feel like you are ill-equipped for parenting plants? Not sure where to begin or what to do after purchasing your plant babies?

Plant Parenthood will be your “101” class for indoor plants, to help prepare you and give you an awareness of how to grow your indoor jungle properly, (no matter the size), so you won’t loose your purchase. We will be leading you through the basics of plant shopping, soils, amenities, fertilizers, propagation, and more. Nothing will be in extreme nerdy detail, but rather a bit of each aspect to get you going on your parenting journey. There are other future classes in which we break these topics down into their own hour+ class, however this is so you can manage the information and ask any questions you may have burning in your new planty brain. We suggest bringing a journal or notebook to take notes! We also recommend brining any questions you may have.

See you at the Greenhouse!

*Masks are required

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