Exploring Yunnan 2 (Tea Ceremony)

Sun, Oct 17, 2021 at 9am

This event has passed.

Exploring Yunnan 2: Having sought the continuity among three different Yannanese teas, we will dive deeper into the Pu’er region of Yunnan and compare the two major branches of Pu’er teas: 生/shēng/raw and 熟/shóu/post-fermented. Sheng Pu’er is leaf stock of the eponymous region that has simply been harvested, dried in the sun, and packaged. Shou Pu’er is that same stock that has been piled and, in a very controlled environment, allowed to compost a bit in order for the beneficial bacteria and fungi already naturally present on the leaves to multiply quickly and add to the health benefits of this tea.

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