Tea Ceremony- Autumn Harvest 4

Sun, Nov 28 at 9am

This event has passed.

Autumn Harvest 4: 老班章 (Lǎo Bānzhāng) This is an exceedingly rare 生普洱 (shēng Pǔ'ěr/raw Pu’er) named after the place where it was harvested. It is infamous for its incredible 茶氣 (chá qì), the energy a tea imparts. Since autumn teas are all about their effects, I had to include this fella. Through the Western lens we see high amounts of caffeine, theanine, polyphenols, and antioxidants that all contribute to an effect some would call overwhelming; others, exhilarating. In the traditional Chinese understanding, this tea imparts so much qi due to its back story. The trees it is harvested from have stood for hundreds of years, but in the Cultural Revolution they were almost destroyed by clear cutting. Their strong root stock survived and put out new limbs and leaves that now offer us, in a cup, the same vitality that kept them alive. Lao Banzhang teas can be as electrifying in taste as they are in effect, but this is a mid-October 2006 harvest, so many of the harshest tasting notes have aged out. If you have a caffeine sensitivity, this is not the tea for you!

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