Through The Roots w/ Likkle Jordee at Volcanic

Sat, Jun 11 at 10pm

This event has passed.


Years before forming the band, Through The Roots' five members all grew up near the ocean. Hawkins spent his childhood in the north county of San Diego. Drummer Taylor Boatwright grew up in Florida, while lead guitarist Corrick Watson was raised in Oahu, Hawaii. Keyboardist Brady O'Rear and bass player Budda Foster both came from Hawaii, too, having spent their earlier years on the Big Island. When they all met in San Diego, they were five musicians with different backgrounds and mixed musical interests. Together, they dedicated themselves to a common goal: creating their own version of reggae music, one that honored their roots but also pushed through them. The band's name was born, and Through The Roots got to work.

Blending roots reggae, Cali reggae/rock, Hawaiian Islands reggae, electronic sounds, and modern pop into the same mix, Arrival is every bit the grand entrance that its name suggests. It's also a reminder of Through The Roots' drive and dedication. Still a proudly independent band, they've weathered lineup changes and other challenges throughout their decade-plus past. The band's tour bus even burnt to the ground in 2015, while Through The Roots drove through North Carolina on their way to a show in Wilmington. The guys still made it to the show that night, refusing to let another obstacle get in their way of their connection with their fans. Arrival takes much of its strength from that intimate link between the band and the audience, delivering a track list that's as exciting as the group's live show. It's been a long trip to get here, but Though The Roots have officially arrived. They're announced their presence. And they're here to stay.