Dub N' Dope w/The Traveler & DJ Colonel

Sat, Aug 13 at 8pm

  • Reggae
  • dub reggae
  • dub music
  • DJ
  • Lights
This event has passed.

The DubnDope Show is a journey of entheogen light, sound and vision. From the future. 


The year is 2042. A future that is the result of complacency, disconnection and fear. Artistic expression is lost. Free thought and choice are banned. Bodies are regulated and human beings connection to the Earth has been severed. 

There is Hope! Renound engineer and innovator, Dr Edward Love has developed a method of time travel called " Dub Phasing ". Using sound in combination with light, harmonic frequencies converge to bend space time allowing the Dr to communicate with himself in the past. 

This method of travel only allows sound frequencies and light waves to move between time and space. For this reason, an Original Intelligence Unit made entirely of light and sound was developed as a bridge between dimensions to send messages of healing, progression and support for the arts. 

Presenting: The Traveler

Designed to interpret music using light, sound and energy waves, The Traveler is programmed to perform improvised versions of Dr Loves music from the future, adding effects and arrangements accompanied by a coordinated lighting, laser and video show. This immersive combination makes every single DubnDope show uniquely different. 

Taking the instructions from himself in the future, the current Dr Edward Love assists with the production of The Travelers appearances through the Dub Phase process. 

Edward Love, professionally known as Dr Edward Love, is an artist, producer, engineer and musician. He primarily produces reggae music, though he has also produced and performed hip-hop and dancehall. Dr Love has produced songs by an assortment of artists in the reggae genre including: Anthony B., Sizzla, Capleton, Lutan Fyah, Luciano and Mykal Rose. He is also the in-house engineer and producer for Chalice Row Records, having recorded scores of songs with Perfect Giddimani and Young Shanty.

Seth Fridae, SimmerDown Sounds. Family Man, Dj, Producer, Promoter, & FM Radio Show Host.
Simmerdown is immersed in Reggae Music from the root to the fruit working in production , promotion,
and live broadcasting

FM Radio Show Host ,KRXF 92/9FM
SimmerDown Reggae Show 16 years and 764 live FM Broadcasts.
Promoter/Buying Agent of Reggae shows in Oregon.
djcolonelsimmerdown@gmail.com 541-815-2255
HOW the idea of Solar riddim came to be:

WhiteStone Productions (jubba White)& SimmerDown Sounds flow intersected in Bend, Oregon whislt
Jubba was in town playing in Warrior King's Band. SimmerDown eventually would go on to host Jubba
and Dubtonic Kru for stage shows. Jubba asked Colonel to handle Dubtonic Kru's managerial works .
Then Covid tranformed The World, touring stopped. Musicians that could gain work in the studio were
fortunate. Jubba has been very productive in recent months in the studio . Since SimmerDown wasn't
scheduling live stage shows due to pandemic they shifted movements towards a project with Jubba .
Jubba and Colonel from the beginning of their partnership expressed interest in Collaborating on a
Riddim Album project . With a hiatus from active touring and not being on road Solar Riddim was born.