Small Batch Comedy Festival 7 Jesters

Fri, Sep 30 at 7:30pm

  • 21+
This event has passed.

Definition of small-batch in English: "Designating or relating to a type of small-scale production in which goods are made in limited quantities, often by means of traditional or artisanal methods."

The Small Batch Comedy Festival is a four-night extravaganza celebrating Bend's Stand-Up Comedy Community! It's all the laughs and fun you expect from the big comedy festivals while highlighting the talent right here in our backyard.

Deborah (pronounced De-Bore-Ah, obvi) Auchery will always be our queen. I love that for her. Some of her Jesters will take to the stage. We will be donating this night's profits to OutCentralOregon.

The Jesters are: Jordan Cerminara, Billy Brant, Alex H, Jody Carroll, Ocean Robinson, Carl Click, and Tracy Rieder.

21+. Strong Content Expected.

Silver Moon Brewing

24 NW Greenwood Ave
Bend, OR 97703

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