Terrapin Flyer at Volcanic

Wed, Nov 2 at 8pm

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$20.37 with fees
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Terrapin Flyer is one of the top touring Grateful Dead bands and they return to touring this FALL! The band has performed for the last 23 years with the best Grateful Dead musicians and often with former members of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band! Their shows with Vince Welnick, Tom Constanten and Melvin Seals established them as a national touring force and a reference in Rolling Stones official Grateful Dead issue.
To name all of the musicians who have performed with Terrapin Flyer would be an impossibly exhaustive task, but some include Bob Bralove from the Grateful Dead, Mark Karan from The Other Ones and Ratdog, Grammy Award winning harpist Sugar Blue, Scott Guberman from Phil Lesh and Friends, Josh Olken from Terrapin Flyer with Melvin Seals & Tom Constanten. Dave Hebert from Melvin Seals JGB, Wavy Dave Burlingame from Cornmeal, Janis Wallin from Family Groove Company and a whole host of tremendously talented musicians from across the country.
The band started headlining festivals from the first year it began and has grown comfortably into the summer festival market. Deadheads across the country know and love Terrapin Flyer. Because the Terrapin Flyer has toured for so many years and with so many legends of the Grateful Dead, they have strong markets on both coasts and all points in between. The band’s Facebook page has over 25,000 followers who are eager for the next show

Though the bands often change musicians, the show is always fun. Ultimately fun is what the Terrapin Flyer is all about. Perhaps that is why the band has joined ranks with the Merry Pranksters in Eugene, Oregon. The Pranksters who are all about fun have adopted Terrapin Flyer over the last several years. There have been many performances with original Merry Pranksters Ken Babbs and George Walker in multiple states. Zane Kesey brought the band to the Kesey Farm and took them on a personal tour and then on the bus. He dubbed Terrapin Flyer a Prankster band. Since then Terrapin Flyer has performed tours and select shows with them and are a favorite band in Eugene Oregon where the Pranksters call home.