An Evening With Maui's KANEKOA at Volcanic

Thu, Nov 3 at 8pm

General Admission
$20.37 with fees
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“The Hawaiian Grateful Dead”—Bill Kreutzmann,The Grateful Dead

Kanekoa is one of Hawaii’s premier live music experiences, consistently selling out shows wherever they perform. Playing what is described as “ ’ukulele-powered Hawaiian jam-rock,” their sound is based on the untapped potential of the electrified Hawaiian ‘ukulele. Kanekoa is riding the wave of renewed interest in the instrument most closely associated with Hawai‘i, guided by its culture and land. Kanekoa is right at home playing any genre from traditional Hawaiian to 80’s Pop to Jamband Blues, uniquely offering their signature electric ‘ukulele sound to everything they play. They have caught the ear of some of the biggest names in music including Mick Fleetwood, Los Lobos, and the Grateful Dead’s Bill Kreutzman who called Kanekoa, “The Hawaiian Grateful Dead”. With every show they play, Kanekoacontinues to gain new loyal fans.
Kanekoa was founded in the early 1990’s by soulful and soothing singer/rhythm ‘ukulele player Kaulana Kanekoa, ‘ukulele virtuoso Vince Esquire and the talented pace-maker percussionist Travis Rice. Uncle Don Lopez, a virtuoso on the U-Bass, is a more recent addition and completes a full-flavored sound to round out the band. Kanekoa has uniquely taken the ‘ukulele sound into new territory—like local legend (and occasional collaborator) Jake Shimabukuro. Though Kanekoa has been at it for close to 25 years,
the band continues to surprise and delight unsuspecting audiences, pushing the envelope of this 4-string instrument in a jam band with eclectic roots and a sound that embraces flavors of reggae, blues, funk, jazz and island music. Esquire’s fluid, liquid runs on the ‘ukulele sometimes recall Jerry Garcia’s tonal lyricism. Wherever this band plays people are mesmerized, they’ve never heard anything like Kanekoa before.