Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited

Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 8pm

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Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo is known as “The Lion of Zimbabwe” and “Mukanya” for his immense popularity and for the political influence he wields through his music.

He both created and made popular Chimurenga music

Chimurenga Music (i.e. music for the people’s struggle) is timeless and adaptable music with deep-seated roots in the African culture and causes. It is promoted and served with a purpose by Chimurenga Music Company. As a unique genre, it entertains, informs, educates and raises awareness of the social issues of the day. It also keeps people conscious of the ordinary vagaries of life, prodding them to realize where they stand on the chronicles of history. While in the yesteryear Chimurenga music was an inspirational tool for protesting against colonial rule, today’s struggle has been dynamically re-branded to comport with emergent social challenges. Independence in Zimbabwe brought much-needed freedom but triggered other unexpected tribulations. Many Zimbabweans are now scattered on the world map as they try to survive. The new Chimurenga theme is now premised on elimination of public office corruption while advocating for the citizen’s pursuit of peace, happiness, equality, dignity, comfort and the rule of law.

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