Jive Coulis & Fortune's Folly at Volcanic

Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 9pm

This event has passed.

Jive Coulis, pronounced ˈJīv Kü-ˈlē, is a three piece rock, blues, and funk band from Bend, Oregon. Their repertoire consists of mostly original songs with a mix of classic rock, funk and jam covers.
In the last two years, Jive Coulis has played over 200 shows in 12 states. They travel on their converted school bus that runs on waste vegetable oil (WVO) which is gathered from restaurants. Jive Coulis is planning a tour in the pacific NW in June.
In 2015 Jive Coulis released their first acoustic album, "AcoustiCoulis", which was self recorded/produced. JC has also released "Dinnertime", their 4th full length album in October 2016.

Fortune’s Folly is an energetic four-piece alternative rock ensemble hailing from Eugene, Oregon. Formed in 2014, they made their live debut in February of 2015 to an eager and responsive audience. The palpable exchange of energy between the audience and the band exemplifies the very heart and soul of Fortune’s Folly. This professional, innovative group has proven the ability to generate devoted fans after a single experience, and is optimistic about a future of new music, touring, and continued enthusiasm. Folly on!