The Witch is in the House! Seasonal Tarot Study w/Hillary Hurst (Fall 2018)

Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 6pm

This event has passed.

*Pre-registration required**

*Every 3rd Sunday of the month this Fall, October, November & December 2018 (drop into one, or come to all 3)

Are you feeling it's time for a new brew in your life? Are you tired of waiting for the 'tower to crumble' beneath you, and instead, are feeling the urge to get down and dirty and tear down the worn-out structures of you life with your bare hands? Do you feel a spark of curiosity in your Soul when you consider diving into the Tarot as a a way of more deeply understanding of Self, Other and the world?

Join local and well-known tarot sorceress ... palmist ... modern day mystic ... artist ... and one of Sol Alchemy's resident witches, Hillary Hurst, for a seasonal exploration of the Tarot, specifically through focused study of the Major Arcana and how to work more intimately with these archetypes that interweave in and through our lives .

Classes are offered the third Sunday of every month, and will follow the arcana through the seasons of the year. For the Fall 2018 season, the class meets 6-8pm on the following dates:

  • October 21, 6-8pm
  • November 18, 6-8pm
  • December 16, 6-8pm


$40 drop in for a single class (plus small transaction fees)

$108 for the whole series (3 classes) (plus small transaction fees)

Note: we have taken on most of the burden of the 'fees' on our end...there's only a small trickling effect to you, the participants :)

**Pre-registration required**

Required deck: "Thoth Tarot" - this deck was originally created by Aleister Crowley, but Hillary will teach from her studies with world-renowned cultural anthropologist and Feminist educator Angeles Arrien. To purchase a deck:

1. We have some you can buy at the first class for $25

2. If you want to buy your own sooner, we encourage you to shop/order local through The Cosmic Depot

3. You can of course get it also on Amazon.

For more information, or questions, contact Hillary: 541-610-6985

A book is not required; however, we will not be using the original Thoth book that comes with many of the decks. If you want to continue your study on your own, purchase the book by Angeles Arrien, "The Tarot Handbook: Practical Application of Ancient Visual Symbols" (

Address provided upon registration

Bend, OR 97701

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