TEDxBendSalon – Gender Equity 2.0

This event has passed.

TEDxBend hosts Salon events in between our bigger events to build community, which is both the engine and cornerstone of TEDx. The March 11, 2019 Salon will focus on the topic of Gender Equity 2.0.  


About TEDxBend Salons

All TEDxBendSalon events share the same characteristics: brevity, opportunities for conversation and heightened interaction between the speaker and audience. And unlike larger annual TEDx events, our salons focus on an issue, even a question that’s of interest. Short and sweet, each event lasts 90 minutes rather than being an all-day affair. Though the salon’s flexible nature allows it to take varied forms, salon attendees always watch a selection of TED Talks, and occasionally a few live speakers, followed by discussions about the ideas. In 2019, we plan to host Salon events that are timely, hinging current themes surrounding us.

OSU-Cascades Tykeson Hall (Learning Studio)

1500 SW Chandler
Bend, OR 97702

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