Terpsichorean Dance Studio Recital 2019: : “POP! Culture Dance Recital” and “Joan and the Giant Peach: an original Rock’n Roll Ballet”

Friday, June 21st @ 7pm & Saturday, June 22nd @ 3pm

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"The Terpsichorean Dance Studio's 44th annual dance recital will showcase our students ages 4 to 64 dancing to music hits from the 60's thru to today! The first act will premiere Joan and the Giant Peach: an original Rock'n Roll Ballet that is choreographed by our very our Ballet faculty; Daisy Marsden, Amy Marsden, Allison Risdon, and Cindy Miskowiec. The Ballet portion of the show tells the classic Dahl story thru Ballet, along with hits from Queen, Abba, and much more! The second act continues the celebration of POP! Culture with dances in Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, and Contemporary. Choreography credits include Dakota Weeda, Aprille Chadwell, Shelley Knight, Madison Zelenka, Kelly Britton, Kristi Testerman, Cindy Miscowiek, Daisy Marsden, and Amy Marsden. This show is fantastic for families and those that love dance!"

Summit High School

2855 NW Clearwater Dr.
Bend, OR 97703

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