Kirby's Dream Band, The Runaway Four & Dream Reaper at Volcanic

Mon, Jul 22 at 8pm

This event has passed.



An evening of live video game music with Kirby's Dream Band (San Diego) and The Runaway Four (Vancouver), plus cyberfunk and synthwave from DreamReaper (Portland)

Kirby's Dream Band have a passion for video game music. From the original NES to the games of today, there are THOUSANDS of fantastic video game soundtracks out there; all written and composed by amazing musical minds! However, these outstanding composers were so often limited to the 8 and 16-bit soundchips used by early video games. Jun Ishikawa, composer of much of the music for the Kirby franchise, is just one of these under-celebrated musical geniuses. Our goal is to bring compositions like his to life in rock form!

Vancouver’s The Runaway Four were conceived as a mixtape love-letter to classic video game themes old and new. The four piece synth-rock outfit take an eclectic, all-inclusive approach to crafting tight and clever medleys that will appeal to gamers of all ages and tastes. Each arrangement develops a theme or narrative exploring the history and tropes of well-loved video games, with an immersive live performance incorporating intricate costumes and dazzling synchronized visuals to further engage the audience